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Game Programming for Beginners

Whether you already have some experience with C# and Unity or you didn’t write a single line of code up until now - this course will help you get a fundamental understanding of both C# and Unity to make the games of your dreams a reality.

Disk with Unity

The Ultimate Guide to Savegames in Unity

Learn everything you need to know about Savegame-Systems. From simple Systems for Beginners to encrypted JSON-Savegames this course covers it all.

Practical Guide to
AI in Unity

Learn to create state of the art AI for video games using Unity. Become an expert in State-Machines, Behavior trees and Genetic Algorithms.

Designpatterns courseimage

The Ultimate Guide to Unity Designpatterns

Learn to use common Designpatterns in Unity with best practice solutions for common problems in Game-Programming.

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Hianna J. Sabo
Andreas is a natural teacher. I can learn from this course and so could my kids. Amazing so far!

Dooby Webster
Definitely one of the coolest instructors around! Relevant, concise, and a good laugh from time to time. I only wish it was longer!

Juley Crawley
Absolutely fantastic course. Given that I've come from random youtube tutorials with questionable quality this really helped me get Unity and Programming. Thanks a lot!

Reineera v. Koch
You really are a great explainer. Thank you so much for the insights I gained through your course. Definitely the best Exercises of any Unity course I've visited so far.